There is an overwhelming amount of information about HCG available on the internet. Some good, some bad. Everyone has their opinion. We strongly suggest that you research as much as you can until you’re comfortable with your decision.

For your convenience, we offer here some basic information on The HCG Diet.


Overview of the HCG Diet Protocol

Unlike many other weight loss programs, the HCG protocol is not just a regular diet and exercise program; Rather, our HCG weight loss program is medical intervention for weight loss.

Most programs incorporate a negative calorie deficit and exercise in an attempt to force the body into burning enough calories to lose weight. A problem with this is that there are usually more factors associated with why the individual is overweight to begin with.

Not only does the HCG protocol burn a higher percentage of fat as compared to other diets, but it also accomplishes it in a fraction of the time.

We believe that obesity is a condition brought about by unhealthy living, which is only successfully treatable through medical help. That is why HCG works so well, because it helps in the healing of the metabolism as a whole. Also, the HCG diet predominantly burns fat as compared to lean body mass where other programs fail. Not only does the HCG protocol burn a higher percentage of fat as compared to other diets, but it also accomplishes it in a fraction of the time. Advance HCG diet center patients lose an average of 3/4 pounds a day. HCG patients can expect lose as much weight in ONE DAY that most other diet and weight loss programs accomplish in ONE WEEK. Also, the weight lost during the HCG program is kept off better as the bodies natural set point is re-established.

Dr. Simeons’ Discovery

In the 1950’s, Dr. Simeons, a British physician, is credited with having first discovered the use of HCG for weight loss. While practicing medicine in Rome, he devoted many years to the study of obesity and ultimately published a paper in 1954 outlining the benefits of HCG.

Dr. Simeons discovered that HCG could be coupled with a special low calorie diet without the patient experiencing irritability, hunger pains, headaches, or weakness.

Dr. Simeons discovered that HCG could be coupled with a special low calorie diet without the patient experiencing irritability, hunger pains, headaches, or weakness.

As Dr. Simeons conducted his research, he found that HCG injections did more than just help his patients lose weight. In fact, he found that the injections also helped to naturally reshape his patient´s bodies even when they did not engage in exercise while on the protocol. Dr. Simeons found that this was because the patients were losing fat deposits from ‘abnormal fat’ (love handles, thunder thighs, beer gut), which made changes in the body shape more visible.

In 1969, he opened a clinic in Rome and over the next twenty years, treated the rich and famous. Dr. Simeon’s called his discovery ‘The Weight Loss Cure Protocol’.

Today, HCG is recognized by many weight loss clinics for its abilities to help patients lose dramatic amounts of weight quickly and safely. Although HCG is still not recognized by the FDA as a weight loss treatment, the FDA has determined that it is a safe drug to use. The basic concept behind using HCG to aid in weight loss remains much the same as it was with Dr. Simeons’ initial studies, but it was recently taken to a whole new level with Kevin Trudeau’s best selling book entitled ‘The Weight Loss Cure’.

Although HCG has been around as a weight loss aid for over 50 years, it took Trudeau’s book to help spark new interest in its use. Controversy still surrounds HCG and whether or not it is effective at helping people lose weight. Nonetheless, there are many anecdotal accounts from people reporting that HCG has changed their lives.


What is HCG?

HCG is a is a glycoprotein produced in pregnancy that is made by the developing embryo soon after conception, and later by a portion of the placenta during the first tri-mester of the pregnancy. It has several functions in the body, including mobilizing abnormal fat to be metabolized in order to provide the energy and nutrients for building the placenta. Dr. Simeons discovered that HCG assists in burning fat in females as well as males.

HCG stimulates the Hypothalimus, which in turn begins burning stored Abnormal Fat at an average rate of 2500 calories per day. This amount of fat is released into the blood stream to be utilized as fuel by the body. Due to the fact that around 3500 calories of fat weighs about 1 pound, the result is Fat Loss! Some patients report up to a pound or more per day of weight loss when they begin the program.

HCG Is The Key

HCG stands for ‘Human Chorionic Gonadotropin’, not to be confused with HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Dr. Simeons found HCG to be the ‘Key’ that unlocks the body’s ‘Abnormal Fat’ reserves as an energy source.

Another wonderful effect that HCG has, is that it reduces or eliminates hunger pangs in most patients. HCG assists the Hypothalimus in resetting the metabolism in a number of ways. The Hypothalimus gland controls fat storage, its utilization, hunger, metabolism as well as several other body functions.


HCG and Different Types of Fat

There are 3 types of fat in the body: Structural Fat, Normal Fat, and Abnormal Fat. The fat we are most concerned about is the Abnormal Fat. This is the stuff that gets on our bodies, and it just doesn’t want to come off, no matter how hard we try!

Structural Fat

Structural fat is vital for the smooth operation of the body. It is the fat that surrounds and protects your internal organs and provides the cushion in your feet so you can walk without pain. We need this kind of fat.

This is the kind of fat that is just under your skin. It is called subcutaneous fat, and the body can freely use it and store it without any problem. Most adults can have about 10 – 20 pounds of normal fat on them without it being called obesity. Over time, however, these fat deposits can grow into more permanent fixtures on our bodies which become less and less accessible to the body for fuel.

Abnormal Fat Reserves

Just like the name states, abnormal fat is not normal. Abnormal fat builds up in the strangest and unflattering places. Guys usually get the ‘Love Handles’, ‘Beer Guts’ and ‘Man Boobs’. Women suffer with ‘Thunder Thighs’, ‘Muffin Tops’ and other embarrassments.

As obesity progresses, we start to get extra fat deposits around internal organs such as the heart and lungs which can hamper their proper operation. For each 10 pounds of fat, the body builds 3 miles of blood vessels. This is why obese people have high blood pressure, the heart has to work extra hard to get blood through all these extra miles of vessels.

Abnormal Fat is a potential source of fuel for the body, but unlike Normal Fat, it is not normally available to the body for energy. It has become ‘Locked Away’ like a safe deposit box, without a key to get at it!

Even in starvation mode, Abnormal Fat is utilized only after all other energy sources are used up. This is why the body will burn lean body mass (mostly muscle) before it gets to the Abnormal Fat reserves.


The HCG Protocol

There are two important phases to the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). The first phase is what we call LOADING. Immediately upon starting with the HCG, the patient must initialize the protocol by eating excessively for the first 2 days – solid. This is not a joke. There is good reason to do this. During the first 2 days you need to eat as much as possible of all kinds of foods to the point of being past full. If you aren’t hungry, eat anyway. If you don’t feel like having another sandwich, eat it anyway. Healthy food would be nice, but not required during this phase.

Loading properly prepares you for the next phase of the VLCD – the LOW CALORIE phase. Those who do not LOAD properly have a much slower start and many suffer with hunger pangs.

Phase 2: VLCD

VLCD is short for Very Low Calorie Diet. On the protocol, the patient will be having 2 meals a day, 250 calories each, making a total of 500 calories total. Since the body normally uses around 2500 calories per day, the Hypothalamus will use the 500 calories from your two meals, and take the rest of what it needs from your Abnormal Fat.

If you have prepared yourself properly during the loading phase, the HCG will reduce or eliminate your hunger. Impulse eaters must apply will power against any psychological urges to eat, or to fight off cravings.

Also, since the Hypothalamus is ‘dumping’ fat into your blood stream, you must drink at least 1/2 gallon of water per day – more is preferable. Drinking water is the way to get the fat flushed out of your body. Do not drink carbonated water drinks or soda pop for your water – this type of water will not wash the fat out of your system properly.