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If you had to, where would you buy your groceries? From a faceless stranger in a foreign country thousands of miles away?

Don’t take chances with your HCG. We’re located in The USA and Canada!

The majority of the HCG we sell is made in The USA. If we are in short supply due to general manufacturer shortages in North America, we ship HCG made in other countries, but only product we have approved and have in stock in North America. All HCG we sell is manufactured in FDA approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. All products we sell bring the same results.


Further Ensuring Your Safety

As part of Canadian Prescription Savers Inc., we bring 15 years of experience to the table. We use the same safety procedures with your HCG order that we do with all prescription medications we sell.

All orders are triple-checked before they leave our fulfillment centers.

You don’t find quality service like that at your local pharmacy!