Karen Lee's Story - Lost 45 Pounds!

You wanted to hear my midway success story. I still can’t believe it. I honestly that I was going to be a sucker one more time. I tried everything out there, and nothing worked. God as my witness, I have for the past few years, literally, only ate once a day and did not eat “junk” foods. This only made things worse.

When I finally read through the book and called your 800 number, I honestly thought this was a scam. Before changing to organic foods and supplements, I weighed 208. This is the highest I have weighed in my life! I was so depressed and miserable.

So I finally got my shots, and in my head I kept saying PLEASE JUST WORK half as much as what they promised. The first day I got on the scale I couldn’t believe it I lost 2 pounds. Still I was not convinced. I was sure this would only be temporary.

Not only did it continue working, but I absolutely feel better than I have in many years. I have unbelievable energy, as well as, everyone has noticed that I seem so much happier. After the 35 days of shots, I was so worried I would start putting the weight back on. To my surprised, I have actually lost two more pounds during this 6 week rest period.


I am so VERY thankful for all of you, but especially Buddy. He is my contact at your office. I am so thankful he encouraged me to take a chance on myself! He always takes time to talk to me through this exciting journey.

I just can’t wait to begin the last part of my journey. I HOPE I CAN MATCH THE 32 POUNDS I HAVE ALL READY LOST!

I am attaching my beginning picture and my midway picture. What a difference!!! When I complete my journey I will follow up with my after picture.

Thanks so much!

Karen Lee


Amberley's Story - Lost 85 Pounds!

I have struggled with my weight for many years now. I’m 5’2” and 33 yrs old. I was very athletic in high school, but I struggled with bulimia. I had the worst diet consisting of fast food 3x a day, 2L of pop everyday, and nothing but processed high fat foods were in my cabinets. I was also addicted to cigarettes and coffee. This was my daily routine until I became pregnant with my first daughter at the age of 24.

During my pregnancy I gained 50lbs. When my daughter was 18mos old, I was fed up. I had no energy and I weighed 185 lbs. I started eating a healthy vegan diet and than did cardio 4x a week. I lost 65lbs in 4 mos. I felt great, and decided that I was healthy enough to have another child.

After my second daughter was born, I had a little more trouble trying to lose 25lbs. I spent the next 6 years trying to get the weight and cellulite off. It just wouldn’t budge.

I saw the infomercial for Kevin Trudeau’s weight loss cure and started getting interested. I did my research for 6 months and decided to find a doctor to help me. Nobody wanted to help. They all turned me down and it really frustrated me. I knew that my issues were caused by hormone imbalances due to past yo yo dieting and pregnancies, and I was positive that the hcg treatment would help me.

So I decided to call a clinic that I had found online. I contacted them and they were very helpful and friendly and were more than happy to set me up with a cycle of HCG. I was so excited and ready to try the protocol. I started the treatment after doing the phase 1 cleanses that the clinic sent me. I lost 5lbs using the cleanses alone. The injections were easy to administer and I had little problems with the diet. I did supplement rice protein for the meat being a vegan. I ended up losing 17lbs on the shots, my cellulite was obliterated, and I lost 6 inches off my abs.

The most exciting thing that happened to me was the fact that my insomnia, hypoglycemia, and depression were eradicated. Wow! I’m so happy that I decided to take the HCG with the cleanses. Nothing else could have possibly helped me.

Another great thing is, it doesn’t end there for me. I knew that the clinic was based in my hometown, so I gave them a call and started working there. I get to help others through this process everyday and it gives me so much fulfillment. I know how it feels to take this next step, and that it is a great leap of faith, yet so rewarding!!!

Amberley Havens


Stanley's Story - Lost 190 Pounds!

During this first journey I battled an upper respiratory infection and had to take antibiotics. I feel this may have interrupted my treatment some. I also lost my oldest daughter in an automobile accident that does add to the stress of life. It’s like financial freedom expert Dave Ramsey says, “Life does continue to happen” to which I have to say, “AMEN.” Through it all God IS in CONTROL. Inscribed inside of my wedding ring my wife put Proverbs 16:3 that says “We can make all the plans but God has the final outcome.” He truly has to receive ALL the Glory. He gave to Dr. Simeons this light a good while ago, and Kevin seems to have rediscovered it and packaged it for a day like today. I really want to be a part of the “testimonial” group that says, “And I kept it off” THAT’S the day I’m looking forward to.

Stanley R. Sparkman


Elise's Story - Lost 45 Pounds!

My name is Elise, and I am 23 years old. I am 5′ ¼” (when you’re short every bit countsJ). Before I started the HCG protocol I weighed 160lbs. I had tried Weight Watchers, cutting carbs, and exercise. These things worked, but if I changed a single thing, the weight would come back. I have to admit I wasn’t very disciplined when it came to my eating habits. I enjoyed eating healthy, but junk food was more appealing.

I was very excited to start the protocol because I knew I needed a change. Just anything that would work! I started doing phase 1 cleanses, and eating as much organic as possible. I really enjoyed this phase because I felt healthy. I only cleansed for about 2 weeks. Mistake! I should have done them for the full 30 days, because I did have sweet cravings while taking my injections.

I started my shots right after Thanksgiving, which was a hard time due to all the Christmas parties, but realized that no time is perfect. I was looking forward to my first two days, which you get to gorge. To be honest, that was harder than it sounds. Once I got to my third day of shots, it really hit me that I was not going to be able to eat the foods that I loved. That mental block was something that I had to overcome. Another thing I knew I needed to overcome was planning my meals. I am a pretty busy person. I leave my house in the morning and don’t come home till late at night. Eating out was no longer an option. I went to my local health food store on the weekend and bought enough food to last me for the week. I cooked everything and stashed it in Tupperware, and zip locks. This was the best way to ensure that I would stick to the protocol with my busy schedule. This system worked 95% of the time. I will admit to eating a few sub sandwiches, but no cheese, chips and fatty dressings. I lost 30lbs in my first 40 days of shots. I feel great having shed the weight. While being on the shots, I had great energy. Since my days are so long, energy is important. I always felt like I had plenty of energy to accomplish everything, and when I came home I didn’t fell completely drained. My sleep was also much better! Before doing the protocol, I never felt like I was getting enough sleep. Many mornings I would wake up tired, knowing that I needed more sleep but couldn’t fall back to sleep. While on the shots, and even now I was experiencing the deep sleep that I knew my body needed.

At the moment I am on Phase 3 of the protocol. I have kept my weight off, which I was afraid would come back. My mind has been readjusted to being aware of what I put in my body. Now I can’t believe the things I use to eat. I love eating organic! The food taste much better. I am very thankful for the protocol.