All Canadian Orders Ship From Canada!

Woman with Canadian flagAs of May 1, 2016, we will no longer be accepting credit cards for Canadian orders .

We’ll continue to offer the Interac Payment option to our valued Canadian customers, but prices will no longer be on par with The US Dollar.

Our Canadian prices may fluctuate due to the lower valued Canadian Dollar (in comparison with the US dollar.) The exchange rates we use will be much better than the banks, and we’ve waived the $10 Interac processing fee we had previously.

When the exchange rates rise or fall more than 5%, we may adjust prices again; higher or lower.

If you have any questions about, please call our toll free line at 1-877-HCG-Kits (1-877-424-5487). We’ll be happy to answer all of your inquiries!

Our Customer Service Center is open from 9am until 6pm Central Standard Time.

You may also forward you questions or comments to support[at] We value your opinions and welcome all suggestions you may have to help us serve you better.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve your needs.