Do you really know who or where you’re buying from?

Ever since Kevin Trudeau’s book about The Dr. Simeon’s Diet came out and reintroduced this amazing weight loss protocol, there has been a rash of sellers on the internet.

But who are these sellers and where did they come from? Many claim to have been on the diet and now want to help others. How? By selling regulated medications from their homes or basements? Others claim to be pharmacies or internet pharmacies. And where do they get the HCG from? Are they associated with a pharmacy?

The majority of HCG sold on the net is sold by people who know nothing about the product, have not purchased the product legally and have never been associated with the selling of prescription medications in any way, shape or form. Most is shipped from India and a lot of those shipments are stopped as they enter the USA. But don’t worry! They’ll ship it again! Maybe in 4-6 weeks you might get your order from them…or a letter from The FDA telling you have a choice…FDA will destroy the HCG, or they’ll return it to the sender. Either way, you won’t be getting it! And with some sites charging upwards of $400, do you think you might see that money again? Can you afford the risk involved?

To help you decide where to buy, follow these tips and do your homework. If you follow the HCG diet protocol, you should lose 1 pound per day. So add an extra day to the end of the 40 day diet to give you time to educate yourself. It’s only one day, but it could save you a lot of grief in the end!


15 Buying Tips to Help You Decide Where to Buy

  1. Real businesses provide a phone number and hours of operation. If they are selling across the nation, they should have a toll free line. Beware of sites without toll frees. Small time operators out for a quick buck.
  2. Real business do not use email addresses from or or Sellers that use email addresses from third parties are typically trying to hide from something. They should have an email address associated with their website or domain name e.g. support [at], not hcgdietmeds [at]
  3. They shouldn’t promise the moon and the stars to people who want to change. The diet does work well, but it is work and you do need to stick to the plan. Beware of sites promising 2 or more pounds of weight loss per day.
  4. They shouldn’t advertise as a real pharmacy. They’d need a prescription. Do they state they are affiliated with a pharmacy? Then ask for the pharmacy information, address, phone number, license number, regulating body etc. ( is affiliated…please read the “About Us” page).
  5. Legitimate companies don’t sell you the HCG recipes. They should be free and they are available all over the internet. All these sellers are doing is selling you free info. Visit our Free Stuff page and we’ll give it to you for…well…FREE!
  6. Sellers with a 5 page site? Some times simple is better, but when you’re talking drugs, be informed. Make the right decision before you buy. Be comfortable with the site. Does it look homemade by a school kid? Would you really enter your credit card information on a site like that?
  7. Call the seller on the phone and talk to them. See how fast they respond if you have to leave a message. Do they give you answers? Are they nice to you? What does your gut tell you? Are they trying to “sell” you, or genuinely trying to help you?
  8. Does the website have a Privacy Policy? Reputable site owners understand the importance of keeping your private information safe. No one wants their identity stolen or their email inbox suddenly filled with spam because the website sold your information to someone else. And they will…again, and again, and again!
  9. Does the website offer a newsletter or free recipes, free e-books etc if you sign up? All they want is your contact info to sell to others or use later to call you or spam you. We don’t have any signups here, but we do offer all the freebies without you having to give us any information! Check our Free Stuff page to see what you might have paid for.
  10. Beware of sites that have service ratings like “Rated Number 1 Seller in The USA!” or “Voted top HCG Website!” or “Fastest Service in USA’’ etc….you get the picture. Who’s actually rating these sites? Well…the site owner of course! There’s no association or group or anything that evaluates these sites. It’s all hype and B.S. to try and get you to part with your hard earned cash!
  11. Does the site make claims like “Doctor Supervised” or similar? Hhhhmmm… does this mean the doctor is going to come and visit you? Does this mean the doctor will give you a medical exam before putting you on HCG and then supervise you every day? Well, there are some that do that, but you’d have to see them in person and you’ll have to pay at least $1200 for the privilege. Where would a real doctor get the time to supervise so many people all across the nation?
  12. Does the site provide information to help you? Or are they just trying to get your money? There is a wealth of information and resources available on the net. A good site should take the time to explain some of the HCG diet to you and provide basic information.
  13. Does the site make claims about HCG saying its “FDA Approved?” Well…that’s misleading! The product they sell might be FDA approved, but chances are it’s not. But the kicker is HCG is NOT approved for diet or weight loss by the FDA and probably never will be. Would you buy from a site that lies and misleads you upfront, to your face?
  14. Does the site offer free HCG diet coaching or counseling services as part of the purchase price? There are no certifications for this. There is no agency that regulates HCG for diet loss or teaches or trains coaches or counselors for it. So how did they get that title? Ohh…that’s right….the certificate in the Cracker Jack Box! Save your money and avoid the empty promises! When you need answers; search the web. You’ll find them for free and you’ll probably find some great support groups to help you along the way!
  15. What comes with the HCG kit? Most websites offer needles for injection and all the other supplies…but most also forget to include something extremely important! Alcohol swaps or wipes to swab your tummy and the needle before you inject! Can you imagine??? Would you buy from them? It’s like buying a new car without seatbelts or airbags! Please do not buy from a site that overlooks this very important item. It shows what they know…nothing.


Helping Ensure Your Safety

As part of Canadian Prescription Savers Ltd., we bring 15 years of experience to the table. We use the same safety procedures with your HCG order that we do with all prescription medications we sell. We sincerely hope the above buying tips will help you make an informed buying decision.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions about our services or other websites for that matter. We’re here to help. If you buy from us, great. If not, we can at least help to steer you away from the questionable sellers.